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ESTHETICS • Cellular Therapy
Cellular Therapy

From Cellap Laboratoire, in Lausanne, Switzerland, two cellulotherapy product lines :

  • Cellcosmet, for women
  • Cellmen, for men

Cellcosmet and Cellmen are product lines that push the envelope and redefine the Science of Staying Young by impacting on our biological clock.

Originating from the medical field, Cellcosmet and Cellmen have established themselves as “The New Generation of Swiss Cellular Products”.

For the first time we can truly say that a cosmeceutical line applies the principle of “active” cellulotherapy, which is to induce the vitality of a young cell to an ageing or deficient cell. The concept of “cellulotherapy” in itself is not new, but what Cellcosmet has been able to accomplish is to bring cellulotherapy to an active state, which has been instrumental in boosting the performance level by several folds.

As an indicator the typical concentration level of active ingredients on the market ranges from 0,5 – 1,0%, Cellcosmet shatters those values by achieving concentrations of up to (30%) for home care products and up to (44%) for professional clinical care.

You now have access to an arsenal of tools, which gives your esthetician the ability to personalize your prescription down to your skin type, age and hormonal identity. Cellcosmet has developed an elaborate line of products with varying concentrations and diversity of the cellular components to specifically meet your individual needs. Up to 8 different organic extracts are blended together to produce specific products for women and men (Cellmen) making this process unique in the world.


Cellcosmet intensive cellular treatment

$ 180

Cellmen intensive cellular treatment

$ 180

Eye contour cellular treatment

$ 100

All Cellcosmet and SUNDÃRI treatments are done with morpho-lympho drainage and ayurvedic face massage.

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